The latest craze is jute bags. There is a sharp increase in the demand for jute bags all around the world. But why is that happening? Ask yourself. The answer is pretty evident. Jute bags are stylish, cheap, and longlasting. They are environment-friendly and give you a chance to enjoy guilt-free fashion.

Where exactly we get jute from? Jute is actually a plant. The raw jute fibre is extracted from the stem of these plants. The extracted fibres are then processed and the end result in your hand is the beautiful jute bag on your shoulder.

Yes, jute is organic and environment-friendly. It saves us from the negative effect of using too much plastic. No animals are killed or harmed to extract jute fibre as in the case of leather. If these do not give you a satisfying reason to go for jute bags, there is a list of 15 reasons as to why you should use jute bags:

  1.  Jute is a natural fibre, cultivated, processed and shaped into bags.
  2. Jute bags are pocket-friendly.
  3. Jute bags are durable, made of strong natural fibre, so you can use it for a long time.
  4. It is a versatile natural fibre giving you plenty of choices as to design, shape, color, print it as you want.
  5. Jute is biodegradable. In simple words, jute decomposes easily, causing no harm to the environment.
  6. Jute can be recycled easily.
  7. Jute has great antistatic, insulating properties, and low thermal conductivity.
  8. It is high ductility and less extensibility, which makes it very adaptable.
  9. The original hue and texture of your jute bag are such that to give it a natural, golden, earthy look and feel.
  10. Jute cultivation requires less land when compared to other crops, as well as a low amount of fertilizers and pesticides.
  11. The leaves and roots that are left behind after harvest act as manure making the soil fertile and thus improves soil condition.
  12. Jute plant is believed to purify the air. Research says that 1 hectare of jute plant can absorb around 15 tons of carbon dioxide and releases 11 tons of oxygen in the cultivation time of 100 days.
  13. Jute has low carbon and water footprint.
  14. Jute bags look smart, trendy and stylish.

Jute is called ‘The Golden Fibre’ mainly due to its color, and also because it is a cash crop and generates revenue. But you would agree that the name suits the jute material because of the value it carries. It is a totally best option available for bags and packaging. This is the best substitute for synthetic and artificial products. Tons of plastic is getting accumulated as landfills and in oceans. These are harming the animals, marine life and the environment as a whole. If you want to save the environment from pollution and degradation, you should opt for these eco-friendly jute bags. This is your chance to contribute towards a better, cleaner and greener tomorrow.